7 Reasons Why Most Developers Won’t See Their Apps Reach The Top 100

January 1, 2012


As a mobile app marketing and pr specialist I am often asked the question, “How can we reach the top 100?” That’s normally when I have to dust off some diplomatic communication skills to explain that their app has several key flaws. So, why won’t most apps reach the top 100? What do you need… [Read more…]

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Poll For iOS Developers: Are You Happy?

September 15, 2011


Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 7.16.18 PM

Some developers go all out when it comes to marketing. For others, it’s an afterthought. We’re curious – is marketing something our developer friends have made room for in their budgets? The leg work after the app’s release is just as important (if not more important) than the development of the app itself.

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Machinarium Is Adventure-Gaming Awesomeness

September 12, 2011



Machinarium by Amanita Design (iPad 2 only) is a point-and-click adventure game in a league of its own. The characters are endearing, the settings is breathtaking and the challenges are mind-bending. What’s more, the entire adventure flows fluently without the utterance of a single word. Machinarium is without a doubt an adventure puzzler that will… [Read more…]

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ABC Food Is A Tasty Way To Learn Letters

September 2, 2011



ABC Food ($1.99) by Peapod Labs LLC is yet another installment in the successful Little Explorers series. As always, the developer seeks to delight kids’ eyes and ears while allowing them to absorb information about the alphabet. Chances are, whatever your little one loves to do, Peapod Labs has made an app that combines the… [Read more…]

Can You Get The Big Cheese? SPY Mouse Review

September 1, 2011



SPY Mouse by Electronic Arts and developed by recently acquired Firemint of Real Racing fame, is a line-drawing, cheddar-filled puzzler that’s lives up to the hype. Squeak, the game’s star and spy extraordinaire, is on a mission to gather up cheese of all shapes and sizes while avoiding perils such as deadly traps and hungry… [Read more…]

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iMapMyFitness Keeps You On Track

August 31, 2011


Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 10.35.03 PM

iMapMyFitness by MapMyFitness (Free – iPhone only) is an uncluttered, highly functional app for fitness gurus and beginners alike. Track calories, miles, maps and much more. Before I get into what the app can do, I want to make a note of my first impressions of iMapMyFitness. I have a thing for apps that track… [Read more…]

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Pim Gets Kids Chatting In Spanish!

August 29, 2011



Little Pim Spanish by PBS (iPad only) gives parents a wonderful tool to stoke the natural linguistic learning aptitude of their little ones. An adorable panda named Pim uses everyday objects to help children learn the Spanish names for each one. Yes, Little Pim Spanish is an educational app but PBS knows kids learn best… [Read more…]

October Man Routine

August 31, 2011



Using certain covert psychology and persuasion phrases in conversations, master seducers have been able to quickly make women fall in love using a forbidden pattern technique known as the october man sequence, a seduction tactic based on fractionation and psychology. It is devastatingly powerful, and is said to be able to make women fall in love in less than 17 minutes from start till finish. One of the most important and powerful dating and love tactics ever invented, any man can know have seduction superpowers to approach and attract women quickly and easily.[Read more…]

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Meditation Music

January 31, 2012



I have received a request to review this application which is designed to aid meditation using a technology called "brainwave entrainment". I am not sure whether this is scientifically validated or not, but I used it and it seemed to work... almost. I tested this software extensively, and while the meditation music is pleasant enough, the isochronic tones were quite unpleasant.[Read more…]

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