Tozzle (Toddler’s Favorite Puzzle) App Review

Posted on February 24, 2011


This was one of the first apps I purchased for my daughter way back before I had an iPhone and when we just owned an iPod Touch. Since we first purchased it they’ve added lots of new content which has improved it by far.

So, how does this puzzle app for toddlers work? If you look above you will see a lot of silhouettes, then in the upper right hand corner you will see a small box with a figure in it. The child takes the puzzle “piece” from that box and drags it to the silhouette they believe it fits to. If they’re wrong, they get to try again and soon if they are stumped a little hint arrow appears. This puzzle pictured above is one of their more challenging ones (aimed more at age 3).

This puzzle is a finished example (with “Congratulations!!” dancing across the screen) of a puzzle aimed more for an 18 months old. One thing I love about this app is the great variety of puzzles – they keep adding new ones all the time and they focus on everything from letters, numbers, musical instruments, mechanical transportation, animals…you name it! The developers have given you some bang for your buck here and are always happy to hear feedback.

This bottom portion of this screen shot is another helpful little “tool” they added – your child can’t simple escape the puzzle by accidentally touching the “escape” icon in the bottom left corner but they have to touch and then slide it. This is helpful because if they’ve been working on a puzzle and get a little clumsy and touch the bottom left corner their work doesn’t go away (it did in the older versions).

I would recommend this app to anyone with children 3 or younger – not really for kids much older than that. I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

More on the developers.

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