MotionX GPS Drive App Review

Posted on February 28, 2011


For a long time we had no GPS road navigation apps on our phones. All the apps were so expensive and required yearly renewals. That was, until MotionX GPS Drive came out. If I had to sum up my opinion of MotionX GPS Drive in one sentance it would be this: Best smart phone GPS app EVER. Why? Let me explain.

We have been using this app for months, and since basically everyone knows what a GPS app does, I’ll spare you the explanation part. We recently moved to a new location and I don’t know how we would have gotten ANYWHERE without this wonderful application.


  • The price is easily the most affordable in the app store. You pay .99 to download it and get a free one month subscription to their live GPS service.
  • There is no contract and you can just purchase one month of service whenever you need it for just a few dollars (when I renewed this month it was only 2.99). You also have the option of paying 19.99 for a full year of service – extremely affordable compared to the other options in the app store.
  • TONS of features (more on this below)
  • Several different live-view options (Do you want an dot traveling down the road showing you your every move? Or do you just want an arrow pointing which way you need to turn next, the road name and a count down to how many minutes/miles you have before that turn?)
  • Very fast in-app purchases if you’re on the go and need to renew your service
  • Great simulation/location compensation if you temporarily lose GPS signal
  • Great search options
  • Fast recalculation of your route if you miss a turn
  • The ability to save locations to your favorites, click and go
  • Choose portrait or landscape view
  • Need I say more?


  • The voice they used a few months ago was nicer…then they switched to a less pleasant and more choppy voice over.
    • Correction from MotionX Co: “If you’d like to switch back to the original voice we used, go to Menu > Settings > Voice & Sound, then select the “Karen” voice option. Karen is a natural voice font (composed of actual voice recordings), whereas Heather is synthesized. The benefit of using Heather is that you also get full street name announcements (e.g. “Turn left on Pacific Avenue.”) instead of just the turn info (e.g. “Turn right.”).”

Here’s how the app looks:

Above you see just a few screenshots. On the left is the main menu. Not familiar with your surroundings? No problem, just click on the gas station icon and MotionX will pull up the closest ones to you. Broken down and need to find a close hotel? Got that covered too (we used it to find a close hotel after an accident we were in). There are many more similar features. Search for a particular address. Search for a business or street, it pulls up options and you pick the exact location you want to get to. In the middle is pictured the live travel arrow you can view while driving. Also, a compass if you are hiking on foot!

This is my personal favorite screen to view while using this app. It’s quick, simple, lets you know which direction to prepare to turn, how far before your turn, and approximately how many minutes until you get there (current traffic times are updated live and factored into your arrival time). How I wish there are apps like this that would serve as a guide on knowing what women want. That would be so cool!

This is the view that comes up when you search for a location/business. The arrows represent which direction the desired location is and next to it how many miles away each location is (it’s ordered from nearest to furthest).

If you haven’t gotten it, you should. Only .99 for the download and a free month of service to see if you like it! You can’t go wrong.

My husband and I give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars (hey, there’s always room for improvement)!

Want it now? Here’s the link to get it in the app store:

MotionX GPS Drive - MotionX™

Or check out the iPad version here:

MotionX GPS Drive HD - MotionX™
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