MotionX GPS (and how it’s different from MotionX GPS Drive) App Review

Posted on March 5, 2011


I’ve noticed there’s a good bit of confusion – people not understanding what the different is between MotionX GPS Drive and MotionX GPS. Let me explain: both apps are made by the same company, one is made for road trips (the one with “Drive” at the end of its name) and one is made for outdoor activities (skiing, biking, running). Both are packed with features. The rest of my time here will be spent talking about MotionX GPS (check out the MotionX GPS Drive app review here).

MotionX GPS was made with the following outdoor activities in mind: walking, hiking, running, cycling, sailing, skiing, flying, racing, and geocaching. It’s GPS tracking is great (so great that the folks at Nike actually use their system for their Nike+ GPS app). It does what you’d expect it to do and so much more.

Compass and personalized outdoor tracks.
Map of workout and main menu.
Picture taken along the way and track stats.

Let’s look at what MotionX GPS offers that is unique:

  • Map downloads – this is great if you are going to be in an area you aren’t sure will offer great GPS signal – you won’t get lost even if you lose it.
  • Live stats (how fast you’re going, your elevation, coordinates, and so much more)
  • Create up to 303 of your personal favorite waypoints – even share them on Twitter and Facebook
  • Save up to 101 of your Tracks (paths you like to bike or run on, etc)
  • Interactive stopwatch. Features included are: time, distance, speed, max speed, live speed, altitude graphs, ascent, descent, gradient data, and snap a picture while you’re on your route to share the view).
  • Live navigation (watch your progress and see an ETA)
  • Better GPS (makes use of the iPhone’s accelerometer to improve predictions and location)
  • Voice coaching
  • Get to your iPod music easily
  • Bright screen option for better viewing during sunny conditions
  • And more….

For these reasons, I believe MotionX GPS is the most sophisticated/feature-packed outdoor activity GPS on the market. I personally love how accurate their GPS service is while running – and all the stats during and after the run are such a plus. I hate running without good GPS because – it’s like a challenge to myself: can I beat my last time? Can I do the same track faster than I did last time? Also, the social features are a hug eplus if you have friends that keep you motivated to get out there and work out.

Millions of people have purchased the MotionX GPS services – it’s excellent, affordable, and their customer service is out of this world. I know this review is basically glowing, but I’m not exaggerating. I love, love, love their products and MotionX GPS is no exception. And the price beats anything else you’ll find on the market.

I rarely give an app 5 stars, but MotionX GPS gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. I would have given it a 6 if it had SIBG guide on mind control. Lol. Why, just the other day I got lost in my own home area (Google maps led me astray) and MotionX GPS Drive got me back on track. Their apps are a must have – and you have GOT to get this one if you ever workout out doors. Buy it for .99 in the app store and get 30 free days of service (no contracts…after that just buy service when you need it).

Want it now? Here’s the link to get it in the iTunes app store:  MotionX GPS – MotionX™

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