Layers App Review

Posted on March 7, 2011


Whether you like creating art with a real pencil or a digital one, there’s no doubt there are a lot of art apps out there to choose from when it comes to doodling on iOS devices – no mess required. Let’s take a look at Layers for iPhone.

As the name suggests, layers allows you to create multi-layered artwork (if you deal with digital photo editing or art, you know what that means). Create til your hearts content, then export it for the world to see.

What I like:

  • Tutorial at the beginning (tutorials are really helpful if you’re gonna get the most out of any art app)
  • Choose your canvas size
  • Utilizes controls we are familiar with (pinch with two fingers to zoom out, double tap to zoom, etc)
  • Undo arrow (love that thing) and a redo arrow
  • Ability to import pictures to doodle on or enhance
  • Adjust brushes offset
  • Pile on the layers!
  • Download a buddy program from
  • Great export options for finished drawings:
    • Email flattened JPEG
    • Email layered PSD
    • Send to camera roll
    • Save as duplicate
Notice the three layers here.
Lots of great brush options.
Custom color palette.
Library of drawings.
Choose the transparency and thickness of your brushes.

If you’re just a doodler, or a seasoned artist, this app could be very helpful for you. It’s similar to SketchBook, but offers it’s own unique options. I really really love that you can bring in actual photos (or anything else that is not a video that is saved to your camera roll).

Overal, I give Layers 4 out of 5 stars (5 stars when the price comes down a little bit). If you like more space to draw, Layers for the iPad is even better! Great app at a great price. $4.99 in the app store – check it out:

Layers -

Or pick up the iPad Pro edition here:

Layers - Pro Edition for iPad -
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