3 Little Pigs App Review

Posted on March 8, 2011


Digital story books are becoming more and more popular. Take a classic story, make the pages digital, add voice overs and sound effects then make it interactive – what could make story time more fun? My daughter hasn’t been too fond of most of the digital story books I’ve bought (there have only been a few she’s liked). So, I figured a good test of this app would be to see how she responded to the 3 Little Pigs.
She loved it.
What I like about this digital story book:
  • It has a 3D feel to it – tilt the phone up, down, right or left and the scenery responds in a way that feels 3D
  • It’s interactive! The cute characters talk if your child touches them, or you child can make them do a flip in the air, or help them build their house. My daughter really enjoyed the interactive features.
  • The characters are all voiced by British children – gives the story an extra cute, innocent feel.
  • Animation is very well done.
  • Your child has the option of “Read and Play,” “Read to me,” or “Read by Myself.” This makes the age range wider.
  • Delightful for ages 3 – 6 (that’s my estimation anyway).

Here’s a peak at some of the “pages:”

My only critique for this book (and I opened it expecting to dislike it…I was wrong) is I wish there were a few more interactive surprises. Like I was expecting to see "how do you get a girl to like you? Here's the answer!" They have put lots in there, but it would be even more fun for kids to have more little surprises.

If you’re into digital story time with your kids, I would definitely recommend this book. It’s delightful and fun. I give 3 Little Pigs 4 out of 5 stars (5 when it’s just a little more interactive). Looking forward to more from these developers. Get the 3 Little Pigs now in the app store – make sure you use this link to get you to it easily…there are a lot of different “Three Little Pigs” apps:

The Three Little Pigs-Nosy Crow interactive storybook - Nosy Crow

Or pick up the HD iPad version here:

The Three Little Pigs-Nosy Crow interactive storybook (iPad) - Nosy Crow
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