Albert App Review

Posted on March 8, 2011


I love it when an app grabs your attention because both its title and logo are out of the ordinary. For a while Albert did, and I’m so glad I followed my curiosity with this app.

First off, the developers, Fingerlab, made the graphics from 1000 pieces of cardboard and sliced, glued, photographed and animated them by hand. Talk about dedication – and it paid off. The graphics are just beautiful (if you have an iPad you can get the HD version).

Albert is a friendly fellow. Enter his world and you will enjoy a series of mini games that utilize just about every feature of the iPhone (or iPad). Silence all his alarm clocks before Albert wakes up grumpy, call back his dog before he falls into the lake, tilt him a bar of soap through a maze of bathroom furniture…the list goes on. It’s actually very engaging – very challenging. Oh, and the music is unique and catchy as well…the tune is stuck in my head as I write this.

Here’s the trailer – no doubt you will be heading to the app store to buy it once you’ve watched it:

I give Albert 4.5 stars for creativity, originality and just good clean fun. 5 stars when more levels are added (more cardboard fun for the developers no doubt). Pick it up in the app store today – it’s just .99:

Albert - Fingerlab

Or pick up the HD iPad edition here:

Albert HD - Fingerlab
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