Food Allergy Detective App Review (and a few promo codes)!

Posted on March 8, 2011


We have been plagued with food allergies in our family. Normally it takes a trip to the doctor and a bunch of expensive tests to start to narrow down what foods someone should start to avoid. Well, now there’s an app that can save you some money and help you start to figure those food sensitivities out for yourself. And it’s just $1.99 in the app store. Talk about saving money!

So, how does this app work? No, it doesn’t draw your blood. Thank goodness. It uses a simple tracking system to help you start to narrow things down. You record what you ate (it has pre-set categories that include common allergies – or you can add in your own), you record how you feel after you ate – if you feel yucky, you record exactly what kind of symptoms you have (again, there are presets here but you can add in your own as well), and as a few days pass you can check your reports and start to see the probability of your sensitivities. It only takes seconds to track your foods and symptoms – a plus when you’re on the go. It them processes what you’ve entered and charts the data to come up with a well-calculated result.

As you enter data, you will start to see alert symbols next to foods that the app has detected have been associated with unpleasant symptoms on a regular basis. These are foods you should probably start to avoid.
Touch a certain food category to see the results of your data.
Adjust different settings, export the data from your food entries and even contact the developer with feedback.
A preset list of symptoms that you can add your own to and check off which ones you are experiencing after eating certain foods.

What I like:

  • As the website says, “Food Allergy Detective doesn’t require you to enter dates, times, food names, or amounts. All you do is check off foods or symptoms and tap Save. The app records the current date and time when you make the entry, but you have the option of entering a specific date and time if you like.” Definitely handy. I’m all about quick and easy entry.
  • The app isn’t biased – sometimes we get so set on thinking one particular food is the culprit and may be ignoring the real culprit altogether (something I’ve been guilty of myself). This app is going to look at the hard, cold facts and come up with a well-calculated decision on the foods you should start to avoid in order to start feeling like yourself again.
  • Also, the developer is very happy to hear feedback (something many developers aren’t always interested in) and wants users to share suggestions and comments.

It’s surprising that this is just about the only app in the iTunes app store of its kind (I can’t find any others like it). There are plenty of apps for people who already know their allergies, but this one is unique. My only critique is that it would be great if the Food Allergy Detective came preset with a more exhaustive list of foods to automatically induct into the foods list almost like what the calorie counting apps have. That being said, you can manually add as many foods as you like.

If you’d like this app, I have several promo codes the developer graciously provided. Please comment below on why you need it, and I will choose several lucky winners depending on your need.

Overall, I love the concept and that the developer has kept it quick and simple. It does what it’s meant to do and can save you loads of money on doctor bills. I give Food Allergy Detective 4 out of 5 stars (5 stars when there is a more exhaustive list of foods/symptoms to choose from). The price is GREAT, so head over to the iTunes store and check it out:

Food Allergy Detective - Evil Timmy

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