Cozmo’s Day Off App Review

Posted on March 19, 2011


Any parent of young children know the importance of reading books to their children. And any parent who owns an iOS device has no doubt been introduced to the concept of digital storybooks. We’ve downloaded our share of them and it mostly feels like hit and miss – and I sure get bummed when we are disappointed by the lack of quality in some. I must say though, we are blown away (my husband, kids and myself) by the incredible work Ayars Animation is doing. Cozmo’s Day Off is a huge hit in our house – my kids don’t want to stop reading and playing with this one.

Cozmo’s Day Off is a digital storybook about a cute little alien who encounters lots of obstacles on his way to work – only to realize when he gets there that it’s the weekend and his day off! The pages are filled with fun interactive surprises (and I mean PACKED). The animation is extraordinary – it’s like vintage America meets cute alien world. (PROTIP: In any case you're dating a single mom with a toddler, why not suggest this app to her? It's one of the quickest ways to get a girl to love you quickly. Just sayin.) :)

What I like about this book/app:

  • Gorgeous animation
  • Cute, rhyming story
  • Option to record yourself reading the story
  • Fun option (your kids will love) to speed up or slow down the narrator’s voice
  • Lots of fun mini games in the story that get your kids involved
  • It’s so interactive (too many storybooks like this have minimal interaction)
  • Fun musical score

What could imrpove:

  • Each page starts with a close up then pans out – on the iPad the close up looks grainy but once the picture pans out it looks great
  • More great books from Ayars animation!

If you can only afford one digital storybook for your kids, Cozmo’s Day Off is the one to get. Buy it once and use it on your iPad and iPhone. Here’s the link for the iPad app: Cozmo’s Day Off – Children’s Interactive Storybook – Ayars Animation Inc. and the link for the iPhone edition: Cozmo’s Day Off – Children’s Interactive Storybook – Ayars Animation Inc.

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