Two Hundred Situps Multi-user App Review

Posted on March 22, 2011


As much as I don’t like to admit it, my abs aren’t what they used to be. After three kids in three years they need some work. :) When I stumbled across this application I was intrigued – I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment because I know it’s just a matter of diligence and hard work that will fix the problem. There’s nothing mystical or magical about this app, but it sure does help keep you on track to your situps goal!

I have the multi-user version which allows multiple people to create profiles on this one app. Great for a little friendly competition or for couples who share a phone. :)

What does the Two Hundred Situps app do exactly? Well, according to this good read, the application was developed as a companion to – almost a Giminy Cricket that helps to keep you on track with your goal (and give you alerts when you need a reminder). When you first open the app it asks you to set up a profile and then proceed to do as many situps without stopping as you can. You enter the number you completed and it calculates a program that is reasonable for you. The app tells you how many situps to complete, then tells you to rest for 30 seconds (or more – depending on how many it told you to complete) then move on to the next set. Each day you workout (the app suggests taking a day of rest between workouts) your situp numbers will increase until you get to 200. If you wish to continue, it will keep adding to that number, so you don’t have to quit at 200 if you’re ambitious. It’s not magic, but this is the way it gets done, people.

Main menu.

Some great features Two Hundred Situps offers:

  • Keeps track of the day and week
  • Allows you to adjust the number of situps you accomplished – ie, if it said to do 30, but you got 37 done, you can adjust that number manually
  • Has a rest timer so you don’t need to remember the time between sets
  • Allows you to do follow the six-week plan wherever you are and without the need to be near a computer
  • Allows you to set up a reminder for the next workout (very helpful for me – I need reminders)
  • Allows you to reset back or forward to a day if you are finding the program too easy or too hard
  • Twitter and Facebook integration – let your friends know what you accomplished…and they can help keep you on track if you slack off
  • Graphs to track your progress

It’s not flashy, but it helps you get the job done without overwhelming you. Just a few minutes a day and you are on your way to stronger, healthier abs. I give Two Hundred Situps 4 out of 5 stars (5 when it’s a little more aesthetically pleasing). Check it out in the iTunes app store today: Two Hundred Situps Multi User – SoftwareX or the single profile version here: Two Hundred Situps – SoftwareX

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