Motion Doctor App Review

Posted on April 5, 2011


The Motion Doctor app for iPad is getting some big attention in the app store – and for good reason.

Do you have a job that just kills your neck or back? Are you involved in a sport that you know is going to wear on your knees if you aren’t careful? Do you have neck pain because you tend to have bad posture? Motion Doctor is a great new app for your iPad that can end up being a digital physical therapist to suit your needs. For me, I tend to have bad forward head posture all the time – oh, and lugging our three kids under three takes it’s toll on my neck, back and shoulders constantly. Why, just this morning I pulled a weak muscle after picking up my three year old. I need to focus on those muscle groups with specific stretches and exercises.

(Remember – and the Motion Doctor reminds you – nothing can quite substitute a real doctor or therapist and the app can’t be held responsible for your choosing not to see a PT. :)

How does it work? Let’s quickly run through what this app does. Once you open Motion Doctor there will be a disclaimer (required by law) and an introduction. Once you read through that, you will see a button labeled “Routines” in the upper left hand corner. Once you select that you will see several options: “Body Parts,” “Activity,” “Sport”, and “Profession.” If you struggle with a particular portion or your body, you can choose “Ankles” under “Body Parts.” Or, if you regularly participate in a particular activity or sport, you can browse through those sections to find essential stretches and exercises you can do to prevent problems. Even browse by profession. I hope they add stay-at-home-mom under that category. Also read this, PUADatabase guide to attracting women :)

Altogether there are 60 instructional videos to help you get your body strong and improved to combat those trouble areas and reduce or prevent pain. Once you choose your preferred category, you will be taken to a grouping of videos. Choose the one you want to see and while you watch the video you will hear an explanation of the exercise and also see the script the voice is reading and be presented with the rationale behind the exercise. Voila – you are equipped with everything you need to begin strengthening those muscle groups. Place a star beside favorite exercises to assemble your own personalized routine. Great job done by Blue Whale Inc (

Just a few of the many categories to choose from.
On the left is the list of recommended exercises and on the right is the video of the selected exercise and the written description and rationale.

What I like:

  • The UI is so user friendly – just touch a portion of the body and it takes you right to information on stretches and exercises to aid that specific area
  • I love the thorough routine options: choose a body section, activity, sport or profession to select stretches and exercises that will suit your needs
  • Great, professional video demos of each exercise or stretch with voice over instructions and information – if it’s one thing I hate it’s trying to figure out stretches from one or two pictures – videos are so much better. Thank you, Motion Doctor!
  • Rationale for each activity
  • The ability to assemble your own, customized set of stretches and exercises
  • A great FAQ section on Physical Therapy – put your fears at ease and get the knowledge you need to understand PT
  • A great “Find a PT” option! Find Physical Therapists near you with the touch of a button.

What could improve:

  • More categories – it’s a good solid start, but I know a lot more can be added (and I have no doubt they are working on it)
  • I would love to see the option to pull up all your favorite exercises in a list of their own and the option name that personalized list
  • The price is a bit high at $14.99 (at the time of this review) but if you think about it, you could be preventing yourself from spending hundreds on a therapist if you use this app to strengthen and prevent a muscle group shutdown. It’s all how you look at it.

The following is the video for the Cervical Flexion and Extension:

In referring to the Motion Doctor app, Dr. Desirea Caucci, Pt, DPT says, “It is important to us that we promote Physical Therapy while providing a quality product to consumers.  The app is not intended to replace a PT’s services, rather it aims to teach consumers how to properly maintain their bodies and prevent injuries.”  This is the perfect solution for you if you have troublesome muscles or joints you need to strengthen and want expert information and instruction at your fingertips. I give Motion Doctor 4 out of 5 stars – 5 stars once it adds even more great videos and categories. Check it out today in the app store: Motion Doctor – Blue Whale

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