Play and Learn Spanish App Review

Posted on April 12, 2011


I have to admit, once I opened  this Spanish Learning app, I thought I could probably predict how it worked. I was wrong. Play & Learn Spanish app uses a very unique and entertaining approach to helping children (or anyone for that matter) become more familiar with the Spanish language.

When you first open the app, you are asked to create a profile, then you are taken to a series of options. Choose from Game Mode or Learning Mode. Then pick from Common Places, Everyday Language or Family Album. Once you head in there you will get even more options (lots of great variety). Once you make your selections you will be taken to a  cartoon location complete with characters and objects. In learning mode you will hear and see conversations take place (with English translations). In game mode you will be quizzed to find and identify people/things/ideas by their Spanish word (once you hear the word, touch what it is referring to). Keep track of your score and get higher scores as you improve.

What I like:

  • Choose between learning words or phrases – depending on how confident you are with the language
  • There is a whole lot of variety of locations and conversations to learn from
  • All the Spanish is spoken by native speakers
  • “Phrases Mode” uses flowing conversation to teach phrases – not disjointed random phrases
  • You are definitely getting your money’s worth – the app is packed with content
  • Challenging for kids and adults
  • Highly interactive

What could improve:

  • The animation could be a bit smoother
  • I think it is more suited (so much going on in a tiny screen) for the iPad and hope to see an iPad edition in the future

I would definitely recommend Play & Learn Spanish for children 5th grade and up. It’s interactive, it’s interesting and chock full with Spanish words and phrases – all in environments that foster visual aids (great for the visual learner). I give it 4 out of  5 stars. Pick it up for your iPhone/iTouch in the app store here: Play & Learn Spanish – Selectsoft

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