Locational App Review

Posted on May 13, 2011


IMG_2525Locational ($1.99)by Felix Mo makes it easy to get all the information about your location. Did you break down on the side of the road in unfamiliar territory? Whip out Locational and you will automatically see your address, altitude, coordinates and more. Other GPS apps can do this, but you have to fumble through menus to get there. Locational makes getting all these details a snap.

The look of the app is casual. Like a cork board with sticky notes. It’s pleasant and different from comparable apps.

I mostly found Locational easy to navigate. I won’t say it is the most user friendly app on the market, but it is simple enough to figure out pretty quickly.

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Locational is a good multi-purpose GPS app. You can use it on a run, on a trip or what have you. I wouldn’t recommend it for die-hard runners or bikers who like to log all their stats in detail, but it’ll do in a snap if you just want to know general details in real time. You can also record your data sets for viewing later.

If you are a waypoint-happy person, Locational has you covered. Create as many of them as you wish using your address book or a local or generalized search.

I took the coordinates/address screenshots on a shopping trip yesterday (no, that is not where I live) to check the accuracy and it did well. Almost exact.

There’s a lot of tough competition out there when it comes to GPS apps. Locational does have unique features and is worthy of some attention. However, with such apps out as MotionX GPS and other apps that can do all the same things Locational does and more, the competition is tough.

That being said, Locational keeps things simple. If you like creating way points or frequently checking your speed, altitude, coordinates and address, then this app could be perfect for you.

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