Teachers And Parents Will Be Happy With This Gem: Creative Genius On-the-Go! App Review

Posted on May 28, 2011


Having been a speech and drama major in college, I am no stranger to creativity boosters. Wacky improv and bizarre activities to get the creative juices flowing were a pretty regular occurrence for me and my class mates. I really wish this little app had been available then! Drama teachers will especially love this app for improv ideas.

Creative Genius On-the-Go was created by a husband and wife team who are dedicated to helping kids learn the art of creativity. The app has three main categories: What ifs? Scenarios, Wack-tivities: Diversions, and Imagine That: Challenges. You can choose to filter the results from one-player, two-player or both. Pick a category and begin scrolling through activity after activity until you find one perfect for your situation.

If you wish to copy the text of any activities, the app makes this easy to do. Email it to someone or place the text into another app if you wish. The developer also shared with me pointed out that, “…tapping the Sort button on the nav bar on the upper right corner, brings you to a list of the activities for that collection. It’s scrollable and filter-able, too. Tapping any one of them does bring you to that individual activity.”

Each activity is designed to help kids think on their toes and generate creative solutions. It’s incredibly fun and a much-needed resource. Today’s kids don’t have many opportunities to exercise their creativity. In today’s world, successful people need to be able to generate solutions and ideas in a way that is outside the box. This app can give parents and teachers more ways to help foster the creative side of their kids.

I was impressed with the volume of activities within the app. The interface is easy to navigate and there are options such as creating a list of favorites, varying text size and taking notes.

The uses of this app are endless. Family Friday game night, drama class, birthday parties, car trips, etc. Turn off the tv and have some good, healthy fun. Creative Genius On-the-Go! rocks!

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