Gone Fishin’ For Sea-Themed Games: FishLord App Review

Posted on May 29, 2011


I don’t know what it is about sea-themed games, but people just eat them up. Something about those cute little sea creatures is just irresistible I guess. Why, even my husband, who is a manly-man gamer and rarely plays the trivial games, absolutely loves this one fish and coin game.

There are 4 islands and 17 stages to conquer. Game play takes place under the water – you control a submarine that shoots nets out of a gun. Steer the boat around and shot the nets at schools of fish swimming by. There are a variety of fish and more are added as you progress.

How does one win a level? At the beginning of the level you are told how many fish you need to catch in order to win. Sounds easy? Well, the fact that there is a time limit can make this a bit of a challenge. You have to stay busy and keep adjust the power of the net gun in order to get it right. The challenge progresses with each level.

You can set the boat steering orientation to be controlled by tilting your device or by using a virtual joystick. I preferred using the joystick – it wasn’t overly sensitive and was surprisingly easy to use.

FishLord is fun and entertaining. It’s free to download (as of the time this review is published – I do not know if it will stay free) and lots of fun. Check it out!

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