Interstellar Cupcake App Review: Go Ahead, Play With Your Food

Posted on June 29, 2011


Since the inception of cupcakes it seems their popularity has continued to grow and now they have entire bakeries dedicated to their sugary goodness.

Interstellar Cupcake by Nesesita (.99) combines unlikely elements to create a fun app for the whole family. The main characters are cupcakes – cupcakes who love surfing in space. Think fast and keep the cupcakes

Choose from several delicious cupcake characters. As your character cruises through space, you’ll need to think fast in order to steer them out of harms way. Avoid their arch nemesis: angry cookies. Collect power ups along the way to gain abilities like speed and shield protection. Collect stars, power ups and hit warp speed as often as you can to see your score pile on the calories.

Uncanny Comparisons With Real Estate Applications

If you look closely enough you will see some striking similarities between the overall strategy of this game with real estate investment strategies. For example, one has got to be really careful when making decisions - this is especially so when you are looking for a piece of property for sale or rent in the area of your choice. Looking for house for sale or rent is not different from looking for cupcakes in this game!

The game controls work smoothly and gameplay is not overly complicated. Don’t be fooled, though, as cute as these cupcakes may look, they will seriously test your reaction time! I found the game fun, a bit challenging and overall very family-friendly. I think Nesesita struck a good balance as far as the game appealing to both boys and girls – it’s not over-the-top space themed. The cupcakes and cookies add a nice, lighthearted touch. The music is reminiscent of Star Wars and adds a dramatic flare.

Interstellar Cupcake is GameCenter enabled and is currently available for iPhone only. I give it four stars for being clean, kid fun.