Bugsy Pre-K App Review: One Smart Hamster Kids Adore

Posted on June 30, 2011


Bugsy Pre K by Peapod Labs LLC stars just about the cutest hamster you’ll ever meet and he’s on a mission to make learning fun for your preschool aged child. He certainly charmed my preschooler in 3 seconds flat and she can’t get enough of learning with Bugsy.

This wonderful little edutainment app is centered around an adorable Hamster named Bugsy. He lives in a room that, at first, doesn’t have many toys. It’s up to your child to answer questions correctly and earn new toys for Bugsy to play with.

The questions start out simple to assess where your pre-K child is at academically. If they answer correctly, they earn a star. If they answer incorrectly they can keep trying until they figure out the right answer.

Bugsy is encouraging whether your child answers right or wrong. But, He gives a special round of applause when your child succeeds.

My absolute favorite feature is for parents. If you’re like me, you sometimes allow your child to play with your iDevice when you need them distracted.

But, you want to see how they are progressing with an edu-app on their own. PeaPod Labs adds a feature that keeps track of every right and wrong answer and allows the parent to go in and see which questions the child struggled with and which ones they aced.

With this system you can work on trouble areas with your child. I wish every educational app came equipped with this feature.

The rewards are fun and allow some play time. If you have a preschooler in your life, you know that they thrive on positive reinforcement dressed up as fun.

Bugsy Pre-K strikes a perfect balance between learning and play. Get it for your little learner today.

To celebrate the launch of their major update to Bugsy, PeaPod Labs has shared a promo code for us to give away to one of our readers. In order to enter for a chance to win this universal app, simply hit the retweet button or comment below about why you would like to win a copy of Bugsy Pre-K!

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