Learn My Letters App Review: Owls Are Great Teachers

Posted on July 5, 2011


Learn My Letters by Generation Genius Learning Tools Inc is another adorable ABC app to hit iTunes. Your kids are sure to fall in love with Horatio the owl who is both their teacher and biggest fan within the learning game. He’s a “Who’s Who” in the owl community. Get it? “Whoooo’s Whooooo?” OK, sorry I couldn’t resist.

The app store is jam-packed with ABC learning games. There is a lot of steep competition in this field! So, what does Learn My Letters have to offer that’s interesting or different? Let’s take a closer look. Here's good approaching tips from SIBG.com.

Learn My Letters has a heavy focus on letter recognition (upper and lower case). Thankfully, there are three levels of difficulty: Easy (simple upper case letters), Medium (more challenging upper case letters, and simple lower case letters ), and Hard ( more challenging lower case letters). The letter recognition mode places four letters on the screen. The owl asks your child to touch a particular letter and uses a word that starts with that letter. If your child gets the answer correct, he or she earns a star. If the answer is incorrect, your child is encouraged to keep trying until they find the correct letter. Once they earn enough stars, the owl does something silly and entertaining as a reward.

The other learning mode is letter orientation. It’s one thing to recognize a letter but what about when your child is learning to write letters? Will he remember which way the “P” faces? This mode places a single letter in four different positions and asks your child to touch the one that is positioned correctly. I appreciated this twist to the learning game – it’s creative and definitely useful. My 2-year-old found it a bit challenging but liked thinking seriously about letter orientations and seeing if he could pick the correct ones.

There are a couple things I would like to see improve in the future. One thing that bothered my kids was the fact that there is a limited window of time an touched letter will be accepted. if you touch the letter too soon the app will not respond to your correct or incorrect answer. My two-year-old got frustrated with this because he would touch the correct letter over and over then would assume that because the app wouldn’t respond to his touch that his answer must be incorrect (when most of the time he was right). Also, the narration tended to lag and be paced a bit too slowly. By the time my kids knew the answers, the narrator still went on for several seconds and the app would not respond to their answers until he was done talking.

Learn My Letters also just became available for the French-speaking community (Vive Les Lettres). This will be a great asset to French-speaking Canada, Europe and to parents in the US who want their little ones to get a head start. Check out both version in the app store today.