Toontastic is Fantastic, Storytelling Fun

Posted on July 9, 2011


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What kid does’t love a good cartoon, an original story, or a the chance to make their own movie? Toontastic, by Launchpad Toys (iPad only) combines all these elements and come up with creative kid’s paradise of an edu-app.

With Toontastic your child can easily create and share animated videos all their own – easy as one-two-three, well and four and five, but that’s it. It’s a virtual puppet theatre for a new digital generation.

The app breaks down the process of making an animated short film into simple, easy-to-follow steps, but it’s more than just a creativity booster – this edutainment offering teaches a lot about the art of storytelling too.

There’s more to spinning a good yarn or making a clever cartoon than just spitting out funny words and manipulating cute characters.

Toontastic, which has been singled out by “Parents’ Choice” magazine and the Sesame Workshop, teaches your child about the elements of a good story arc so they sharpen their verbal and writing storytelling skills over time, completely unaware that they are learning.

In no time your creative kid will absorb key fiction principles and, who knows, you may discover you have the next Shakespeare or Spielberg on your hands. Toontastic is an ideal app to spark creativity and is engaging enough to help build patience and attention to detail too.

A child begins by picking a setting for their story (there are a great variety to choose from) then they choose the characters. The app comes preloaded with a decent number of animal and human players that fit the included themes.

If none of these suits your child’s fancy, they have the option to draw their own characters and populate their productions straight from their imagination too.

The creative opportunities are limited only by imagination – check out the trailer and see:

After they’ve chosen their characters and setting, the fun really begins. Now it’s time to become the puppet master. Press the record button to begin narrating a story and move the characters around to act it out by simply manipulating them with a finger.

The app uses the multi-touch screen so well, that several small hands can move several characters at once. It’s a lot of fun – even parents and older siblings will soon want to get in on the action!

A key element to storytelling is emotion. How does it affect the characters? How does it effect the way the viewer responds to the plot? This can be a little bit tough to grasp when you’re young.

But, Toontastic even helps kids learn about how music can affect the mood and emotional output of a story. The preset tunes give your child a variety of soundtracks to choose from so they can set just the right tone for each scene in their movie.

With the right application, there will be lots of opportunities on flirting and having fun with your girl if you do things the right way.

This app considers everything and the net result is a project your child will want to show off, and an app they will want to come back to time and again..

Unleash your child’s inner storyteller, filmmaker or animator with Toontastic. At only $.99, a reduction from the usual $2.99, (for how long is a mystery,) it’s a steal, and at even at full price is a great value and will have kids so entertained, they’ll never realize the wealth of learning coming their way.