KidSpring Matching Games: A Match Made In Kiddie Heaven

Posted on July 11, 2011


1 – 100 Find & Match Numbers is a fun, shark-themed, numbers matching game for kids learning to label and recognized basic numbers. And, what’s more fun than feeding sharks? This daring little numbers game will hook your kids right away.

The gameplay is simple: pick a numbers range (ie, 1 – 20, etc) then the matching begins. The player will see several sharks swimming in water, each labeled with a number. Above the water are an equal number of question marks. As your child touches a question mark, a number is revealed over a piece of food (the number is also spoken by a pleasant child voice over). It’s your child’s job to drag the number food to the shark displaying the corresponding number. If a match is made correctly, the shark eats the food and swims away.

Once your child completes 5 matching sets, he or she wins the game and can start over. I do wish there was a reward system in the game (earning stickers or something similar) as it does seem there is no reward to work for. Although the game is fun and will be a pleasant way to practice number recognition, at this stage in development most kids hope for a reward once they work long enough at a task so that would be a nice addition in a future update.

1 – 100 Find & Match has managed to be unique and entertaining but at the same time clearly focuses on the learning objective at hand. If you little sweetie is still working on those basic numbers, I recommend you consider getting this wonderful numbers matching game.

Preschool Matching makes matching skills loads of fun for young ones. I have seen probably dozens of matching games for little ones, but the organization and pure educational value of this one stood out to me immediately.

The colors and smooth graphics will grab your child’s attention right away. Once your child chooses a matching category (listed below), he will be taken to a matching game that is simple to learn and has just the right amount of matches to solve. I was pleased that their was not an unrealistically high number of questions per set. The interface is kept simple and is easy for little ones to figure out.

This app offers lots of variety and the developer did a great job of mixing just the right amount of educational value with fun. Your little one has the option to pick what types of items to match such as, letters, shapes, numbers with corresponding images, and pictures with their shadow image (such as in a puzzle). Once your little genius completes a set, she will have the option to pick a sticker. This is a wonderful reward system that I’ve seen on many other learning apps. Somehow, even though the stickers are virtual, my kids love them every time. The system works.

I have spent some time with my two year old Joshua here in my condo in KLCC playing this game and he loves it.

My favorite matching theme here is lower and upper case. This is a difficult challenge for preschoolers to master so Preschool Matching

Both these apps are universal. Can I get a round of applause? I love when developers go easy on our wallets by doing this.

Full disclosure: While KidSpring is one of our current sponsors, they did not pay me to write these reviews. The viewpoints are that of myself and were unbiased either way.