Word Ball: Boggle Meets A Trampoline

Posted on July 12, 2011


If it’s one genre of gaming it’s a bit difficult to break into and present a fresh, new perspective, it’s word games. It seems all the good ones are taken already. However, with the recent smash hit Seven Words, it seems there’s hope for new, innovative word games to make a come back.

Word Ball adds some motion fun to the idea of Boggle. Basically, the letters of the alphabet float around on screen and it’s up to you to build words as quickly as possible to wrack up points. Use a wide variety of letters because, if you neglect any of them for too long they will pop and you will no longer be able to utilize them to build words. Know the basics of dating for men.

The game offers up some great features such as OpenFeint and GameCenter integration, leaderboards, extensive dictionary of words, stats, and several modes of play.

No game is perfect. While Word Ball has a nice solid start, I do hope to see the graphics and game controls improve in the future. At time I got a bit frustrated with the tiny letters floating around on screen and the fact that the app would mis-recognize my tapping on one letter for another.

Not only does Word Ball provide a fun new words game, but the added element of letters in motion adds a fun element of difficulty. If you are a whiz with words, give this one a try!

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