Red Riding Hood 3D Pop-Up Book Review

Posted on July 19, 2011


A Grimm’ Brothers’ classic fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood,” has been injected with new life by Ideal Binary, Ltd who has even managed to weave some mini games into the plot! And that’s not all – key scenes in the story are presented in an eye-popping 3D.

Grimm’s Red Riding Hood ~ 3D Iinteractive Pop-up Book (universal) succeeds where many digital storybooks fail – they balances the reading and fun. Each portion of the story is displayed on pages that look like an old-fashioned book without distractions, just beautiful words on virtual paper.

Between sections of the book are 3D pop-up pages. Moving the iPad or iPhone around allows for the same layered depth you find in a regular bookstore pop-up book.

And, each of these pages includes a mini game or activity to allow readers to participate in the story, like helping Red Riding Hood clean up her room and don her cape, pick out foods to take to Grandma, count how many miles the wolf has run, and lots more.

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The illustrations are quite stunning and create depth. The colors aren’t overwhelming, the 3D simulation really works, and the classic fairytale book style of the app is a nice touch.

If actively reading digibooks is a priority for parents and kids, this app makes the text look almost as inviting as the drawings and distraction-lite, with the gaming elements between, not in front of, the pages with words.

Grimm’s Red Riding Hood 3D is creative, entertaining and visually appealing, yet it still manages to keep all the classic elements of the original children’s story.

This is a wonderful option for tonight’s bedtime story or the perfect summer reading activity for young grades-schoolers who need to keep skills fresh for the new school year.

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