Swap ‘Em App Review: It’s OK To Drop The Ball

Posted on July 19, 2011


Swap ‘Em by Blitpop (sold separately for iPhone and iPad), Ida is a fresh new twist on classic match-3 games and puzzlers like Bejeweled and Tetris that have stood the test of time. The theme is billiards and, though it may seem like a bit of a strange choice, it really works and is a creative twist to a familiar concept.

The developer used the billiards theme brilliantly to create fun twists and power ups. Touch a ball and switch it out with another ball adjacent to it. Hence, then name “Swap ‘Em.” Match three or more to help clear the board. Match calls quickly for high scores and to earn power ups. Similar to Tetris, there is a queue at the top of the screen, but the player decides when it falls. In this case, it’s good to drop the ball. As the balls wait in the queue, it is constantly changing color, so you never know which color ball you will actually get.

As a player passes levels, he will constantly be introduced to new elements to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting. For instance, the 8 ball can be swapped out with any other ball on the board. Get it to a corner pocket spot for a bonus! Burriers also make the gameplay more interesting and add an element of difficulty. The game is also GameCenter enabled for those of us who love some competition.

Swap ‘Em is not a high-stress game. It’s perfect for relaxing and passing the time. The graphics are easy on the eyes on both the iPhone and the iPad and the music is soothing. Fast-paced, yes. High stress, no.

Here’s the official trailer to give you a better taste of how the gameplay works:

Swap him is a winner in my book and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys swapping games and puzzlers. Tired of Bejewelled but still like the concept? Swap ‘Em is creative and original while building upon the solid foundation of successful match 3 and puzzler games that have preceded it.

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