Groove Coaster Beats Out Tap Tap Revenge When It Comes To The Coolness Factor

Posted on July 28, 2011


Groove Coaster by TAITO Corp marches to the beat of a different drum when compared to the Tap Tap Revenge series and other similar apps. Fans of TAITO will enjoy this modern music game that features some of its trademarked characters and still bears the marks of the retro games many adults fondly remember.

Groove Coaster’s game concept isn’t entirely original, but they’ve put a fresh spin on a popular concept and, in some ways, have made rhythm-based gaming fun again. Gameplay makes users feel like they are zipping through a modern subway grid full of colorful lights and synthesized tunes. Watch for colorful disks to appear on the track and keep the beat with your finger to score points. as you progress and keep your scores high, the difficulty increases. Not only will players be asked to tap the screen, but as the levels get more difficult, swiping, and even vibrating their fingers while tapping.

There is no doubt that the graphics here are inspired by the retro look TAITO is famous for, but only just inspired. Thankfully the artwork is also smooth and tastefully colorful. Nothing unsightfully pixilated here. As a bit of a reward for getting the beats right, disks explode into an array of colorful ripple and shapes. It’s almost mesmerizing.

Once players progress and achieve high scores, they will unlock avatars and perks within the game. If there are impatient gamers out there, they do have the option to unlock these “perks” via in-app purchases. The option to buy this additional content does not feel forced and is not constantly forced into the faces of consumers. Thankfully lots of fun can be unlocked without forking out extra money here.

Here’s a peak at what can be expected from this fun, musical game:

As long as users are familiar with common gaming control concepts on iOS, they shouldn’t have trouble filling in the blanks where they are lacking.

The tunes are fun and easy to hear over and over again. This boosts the replay value and allows users to keep tackling levels without getting annoyed with the compositions they are keeping rhythm to. The grid marries nicely with each song and feels like a well-choreographed dance routine that you get to be a part of. In short, this one is worth buying – plus it’s universal!

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