First Words with Phonics: Learning Animals Now Available In Four Languages! Plus, Win A Copy!!!

Posted on July 30, 2011


The First Words series from Anlock is adding members to its family and is now better than ever! Since my first experience with their First Greek Words: Learning Animals, I was impressed with the colorful art and the concept of words puzzles. Of course, I’ve seen word puzzles for little ones before, but I thought it was a bold move to pair the game with a foreign language.

Anlock’s wonderful series not only familiarizes kids with basic foreign words, but helps them get used to the spelling and letter formations of the languages they are dabbling in. The apps come complete with plenty of settings that help parents make them suitable for various age groups. These settings include: longest word, uppercase/lowercase letters on/off, color and letter hints on or off, speaker’s voice on or off and Flight Mode alerts.

As your child begins the game, a photo will appear on screen. Once it does, there will be letters scattered bellow the artwork and it’s up to your child to assemble the letters in the correct order to form the name of the object/animal. For little ones, parents can turn on color and letter hints that give them extra assistance. For more advanced children, these hints can be turned off for a good challenge.

Each of these apps is solid and a great start if you want to get your little one interested in building a foundation for learning a second language. Challenge their mind and linguistic skills with the colorful, thoughtful apps by Anlock! My kids have fallen in love with them and love the puzzle aspect and hearing new words in foreign languages.

One hope I have for the future is that all these apps will be combined into one “super” app. This would allow for fewer icons to deal with and would allow kids to experiment with different languages more easily to see which one they have a special liking for. has partnered with Anlock to offer our readers a chance to win! Simply head over to our Facebook page, “like” us, then comment on the corresponding post about First Words that you’d like to win it! If you are already a fan on Facebook, you can enter too! For an extra entry, feel free to retweet this post (using the button below). Contest ends August 2nd at 8:00 pm EST. Good luck!

First French Words: Growing Up

First Italian Words: Growing Up

First German Words: Growing Up

First Words: Growing Up

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