Rafter Adds Great Angles To Physics Gaming – Now In The Mac App Store

Posted on August 4, 2011


Emantras found success with it’s take on physics gaming with Rafter and recently made this unique game available in the Mac app store. If players are familiar with addicting physics puzzlers such as Ragdoll Blaster and Geared, they’re sure to enjoy Rafter for their Macbook!

Rafter by Emantras ($1.99 for Macbook) doesn’t have players shoot pre-sized, static ammo at targets. Instead the game allows gamers to “draw” their choice of circular or square ammunition to aim at the target. A bar at the top of the screen is set aside as the drawing area. Players select the shape, size, bounce sensitivity, speed, and (when applicable) fan speed. Play with these options and carefully aim at the target – players will need to navigate stairs, blocks, fans and much more.

Rafter is challenging and offers up 111 levels of increasingly difficult physics challenges. Many of the beginning levels are quite challenging and require lots of experimentation with speed/bounce levels as well as location and size of the dropped object. Players must think through whether a circle or square work best to reach the target and where the “ammo” should be dropped. Should the circle bounce high or not at all?

Trial and error is key. And don’t forget that the clock is ticking in the mean time.

Physics puzzlers have absolutely taken off in the iOS world and there’s no reason they can’t be great on the Macbook, too. I was skeptical if I would like this genre on my Macbook but was happy to find out it was just as fun. The graphics in Rafter are just beautiful and the physics are stunningly realistic.

If you love gaming on you Mac as much as you do on your iPhone or iPad, I suggest you give Rafter a try.