More Chomping Fun With Om Nom In Cut The Rope: Experiments

Posted on August 5, 2011


iOS gamers who grew to love Om Nom will be glad to know he’s back again with a whole lot of candy-chomping fun. Cut the Rope: Experiments by Zeptolab UK, Ltd (sold separately for iPhone – .99 and iPad – 1.99) keeps all the charm of the original but mixes plenty of new elements together to create more candy-flinging physics puzzlers.

This time around, there’s more of a lab-rat role for Om Nom. His box-of-a-home found its way to the doorstep of a mad scientist and, consequently, his candy-catching antics limits will be tested. As the name suggests, players have to cut ropes that are tied on one end to a piece of candy, and on the other end to various fixtures. Time your snipping just right in order to get the candy to fall, swing or even float into Om Nom’s mouth. Oh, and don’t forget to collect three stars in each level for higher scores. This time, cupcakes and donuts are added for variety as well.

Another fun element is added to Cut the Rope: Experiments. Om Nom has drawn and colored some adorable artwork for you, but his distraction and propensity for focusing on the treats before him has made him forget where he left the pictures. Help him gather them up and put them on display in his gallery.

Thankfully, for gamers who aren’t into stressful challenges, the gameplay progresses very quickly. Levels are not all-too challenging to beat and new elements constantly keep things fresh.

Here’s a peek at the trailer from Zeptolab:

Some props players can expect to work with this time around are: sliders, bubbles, plungers, trampolines, suction cups and more. Currently there are just two sets of levels to complete with more coming soon. Who knows what experimental elements will delight players after the update is released.

As far as graphics are concerned, Cut the Rope: Experiments does not disappoint. It’s deliciously colorful and whimsical and the graphics are as smooth as ever. It’s a true treat for the eyes.

Who’s going to like it? Gamers who fell in love with Om Nom’s first release will likely enjoy the remix presented in this version, but don’t expect dramatic changes in gameplay. It’s true that new elements are added and Om Nom’s chomping is just as cute as ever, but mostly feels like a content-rich in-app purchase for lots of extra levels from the original. Both kids and adults will love this remix of our favorite candy-eating monster.