Rogo Adds Up To Pure Puzzling Pleasure

Posted on August 10, 2011


Sick of unoriginal puzzles? All sudoku-ed out? Rogo is the new puzzler on the block and may be just what your brain has been longing for. It’s fresh, original and is packed with plenty of puzzling fun.

Rogo by Creative Heuristics ($1.99 – universal) looks like something  you might get if a crossword puzzle and sudoku morphed into a singular game. However, it’s even more unique than that – it adds a bit of a maze to those two concepts.

Thankfully, Rogo comes complete with a very thorough video tutorial – no one can misunderstand the game rules after watching it. Also, levels start out simply and get progressively harder in order to ease newbies (which is almost everyone) into gameplay.

So, how does this puzzler work? Choose a puzzle and you’ll notice many white squares and a few black squares on the screen (similar to what a crossword puzzle is made of). Some of the white squares contain random numbers. You are given a number at the top center screen – this represents how many squares you must contain in a loop that you draw connecting the higher digits to get the highest score possible. I won’t spend any more time than that going over gameplay because the app comes with all the tools you’ll need.

Mathematical minds will love Rogo. I found it challenging and could feel the math muscles flexing like they haven’t in a while. Not only do players have to think through how to connect the high numbers, but must also compute how to connect those numbers using the limited amount of squares in their loop. Black squares through blockades into the mix and you end up with a wonderfully  puzzling game of math and strategy. The better your score, the better your chances of earning a silver or gold medal.

Rogo comes with three packs that each contain 64 levels. This is plenty of content and provides hours of fun.

Nice music compliments the kind of trance you’ll be in as you focus on looping those numbers. The graphics aren’t bad either and the textures and colors change for each level.

In short, Rogo is incredibly original and challenging. Do you have the brains to crunch the numbers?