Developer’s Corner: 5 Tips To Keep App Sales From Drying Up

Posted on August 11, 2011


If you’re a developer, seasoned or just entering the realm, you know that app sales don’t just happen (at least 99% of the time). It takes hours and hours of hard work. It can be heartbreaking and exhausting. If you’re discouraged because your app sales don’t rock the charts, please do know that you are not alone. I talk to frustrated developers all the time – it comes with the territory. Here are a few basic tips for helping thing along a bit.

  1. Hire a consultant. There are people out there who live and breathe apps and see good ones, bad ones and mediocre ones on a regular basis. We can give you personalized advice on everything from how to improve your app to how to better market your app. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – I love doing consultations and charge very reasonable rates. My goals is to be financially accessible to everyone.
  2. Advertise strategically. If your budget allows, seek out sites that fit your app’s niche and consider putting up an add with them. Some sites also offer to do Twitter/Facebook campaigns at a price (in my experience Facebook tends to offer a much higher click-through rate). Don’t necessarily sign up for months at a time – try it out for a month and see what kind of a return you get first. Make sure you don’t skimp on your graphic – cleaner, colorful graphics have a better click-through rate.
  3. Do a giveaway. Consider partnering with a review site to do a promo code giveaway (or even give away some sort of iOS accessory). Make SURE you pair the giveaway with a review from the site, or have them link to it so users can read more about what your app has to offer so they will be more likely to buy your app even if they don’t win.
  4. Keep pursuing reviews. Marketing your app can be exhausting. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. Pace yourself and keep pursuing review sites about doing a review of your app. Stick to sites that go along with your app’s theme.
  5. Get connected with your app users. If you don’t yet have a dedicated Twitter account or Facebook page for your app(s) or company, do it right away. Get connected with your users and let them know that their feedback is invaluable. If they feel like they’re a part of the evolution of your app, they will take ownership and be the best walking/talking ads you could want.

These are just basic things you can do. If you are feeling really stuck and need help from someone who cares and wants to see you succeed, please feel free to email me, Hannah, at

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