Candy Boy Is A Clever, Confectionary Puzzle

Posted on August 15, 2011


Candy Boy by Colorbox (.99 for iPhone) is a delicious match-3, one-screen platformer. Casper, the candy boy, is an adorable character who is entrusted with the task of getting towers of candy matched by color. The settings are vibrant and Casper is an adorable candy messenger who helps provide a non-stressful environment for this visually tasty puzzler.

Though the concept is undoubtedly similar to other match-3 games, Candy Boy ads plenty of originality to keep it fresh. Each setting present obstacles for Casper to navigate while he balances a single piece of colored candy over his head. He must strategically match these pieces with candy of a similar color. Matching order is key and can determine if a player wins or loses. There are a limited number of pieces for Casper to match and each is a pre-determined color.

While matching things up is easy at first, the levels get progressively more difficult and present new obstacles for Casper to navigate. Players must help hi match candy in mid air, or help him finagle into small crevices and matching order gets really tough to figure out. Collect three coins during each level to quickly unlock the next confectionery world for Casper to conquer.

Here’s Colorbox’s official trailer for Candy Boy:

The controls in the game are good, but could be better. At times they felt overly sensitive and I got frustrated trying to delicately place Casper in tight spaces. I’m sure this will be cleared up in a future update. Also, a clear diagram of candy order (in regards to what order Casper will be given each color) would be great for planning to solve the puzzles with more ease.

Presenting over 100 levels, Candy Boy is visually pleasing, puzzling fun for all ages. GameCenter and OpenFeint support add a great social, competitive element. It’s affordable, unique, and a tasty treat for your eyes and you won’t feel guilty after playing because, the best part is: it’s calorie-free fun!

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