Yodel-Oh! Translates Vintage, Tin Carnie Games To iOS!

Posted on August 17, 2011


Yodel-Oh! by Spinlight Studio (sold separately for iPhone and iPad .99) is a beautiful game inspired by those wonderful, old-fashioned tin carnival games. This beautiful app tests players’ reaction time – those with quick eyes and fingers will do well.

Trust me, this game would be a challenge even for the cowboys who proved himself to have the quickest fingers in the west in a duel. I’m not sure even he could get to level four in Yodel-Oh! on his first few tries.

The star of the show is an adorable tin man who lives in the Swiss Alps. His sheep are a bit off their rocker and love sneaking up behind him to try to push him off the edge of the mountain on which they are grazing. Below the mountain are several targets in a row which randomly turn around. Players need to touch the targets when they turn and show a red side. Occasionally these targets will offer up large amounts of points.

The targets aren’t the only thing players must keep an eye, and finger, on. Once a sheep is heard bleating, that means one is headed for our mountain man and players’ must touch the sheep to stop it before it pushes him closer to the edge. These guys are hard to catch! Tap accurately and quickly to keep them from throwing their weight around.

Fun bonuses pop up when players do well – extra points and even an occasional ram. Be quick to snag them all and progress to the next level! Be sure, however, not to touch the Swiss Miss when she pops up! After the first few hundred points are scored, things get complicated quickly. Only the quickest reactions will progress beyond level three.

The graphics and sound are where Yodel-Oh! shines. The textures are just plain gorgeous. The tin feel is spot on and the sound effects when a target is hit is so realistic that it made me feel as if I really was playing an old tin carnie game. The yodeling and accordion music add a fun, Swiss touch.

Here’s the official teaser trailer:

Currently there is only one mode of gameplay. It is fun, but most likely won’t snag gamers for hours on end. Since it’s a game that requires a good bit of concentration, most people will most likely play it in bursts. I have no doubt Spinlight will continue to improve it in weeks to come, and, hopefully incorporate one or two more modes of gameplay.

To celebrate Yodel-Oh!’s launch today, Spinlight will be holding promo code giveaways on their Twitter page today. Please follow them for chances to win!

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