Angelina Ballerina’s Digibook Is A Hit With Kids

Posted on August 19, 2011


Angelina Ballerina’s New Ballet Teacher by Callaway Digital Arts  ($4.99 iPad only) is – in theory – a digital storybook, but offers much more. Children who love Angelina will fall in love with this charming digibook and the fun activities it has to offer.

The story here focuses on Angelina as she meets her dance teacher, Miss Mimi, when she attends her first dance class. This can be an anxious time in a child’s life – new situations can be a little scary, but the story follows the adorable mouse as she learns that trying new things and learning new skills can be fun and practice pays off.

The app features engaging and smooth CGI animation, interactive elements, pop-up ballet lessons, professional narration, puzzles, virtual coloring pages and even a few music videos. The animation and music videos add a fun touch and the tunes are very catchy. Kids will be singing along in no time.

The graphics are surely not disappointing. Angelina and her friends look as cute as they ever have and the animation is smooth – the same look kids have grown to love on the tv series. To add to the kid-friendly nature of the app, the interface is easy to navigate – little fingers have no trouble figuring out how to get around.

At least in our experience, the music videos are where this app shines. Our children could not get enough of listening to and watching Angelina and her friends sing about learning to dance. After hearing the same song played about 2 dozen times, I finally marched over to figure out which app my two year old was going nuts over and, behold, it was Angelina Ballerina’s New Ballet Teacher.

The story in this digibook is charming and my kids have certainly loved it. If parents have a hard time forking out money for digibooks that present nothing more than a few pages to turn, they won’t be disappointing with the variety of activities this app presents. Puzzles, coloring, music and more are enough to keep any little one occupied for a while.