Is That A Yottle In Your Bottle?

Posted on August 21, 2011


There’s a Wocket in my Pocket by Oceanhouse Media (universal) is the latest Dr Seuss book to come to life on iDevices. Enjoy the childhood classic in a fun, new interactive way. This book showcases the height of Dr Seuss’ word crafting genius.

As with all Oceanhouse digibooks, this digital version of the beloved classic portrays all the illustrative brilliance of the original. All those zellars and wosets and yurtles look just as bright and intriguing as they did the day Dr Seuss first drew them to life. Nothing added, nothing taken away. The beauty of this version is that your little one won’t be able to unintentionally tear the pages or wear the cover out.

There are three modes of play. Read to Me, Read to Myself and Autoplay. During each of the three story options, children can at any time touch on individual words or photos to hear the word pronounced. This helps increase word-object association.

Thankfully the interface is designed with little fingers in mind. The controls are simple and it teaches children to be intuitive. I wish my husband was able to read it as a child so he'd know a thing or two about intuition and how to attract women(he gets his info over at But I'm straying away from my point-- going back to Wocket in my Pocket-- in a matter of seconds, children will know how to turn pages and discover the name of objects and how to prompt a word when they get stumped during their read.

Perhaps I was conditioned by the audio copy of this book my parents bought for me as a child, but the narrator’s voice used for this version, Karen Kripalani, somehow doesn’t seem to fit the mysterious tone of the book. Her voice has a positive, motherly quality – which is by no means a bad thing. However, the entire way through the book, I felt the tone didn’t fit the content and the audio quality felt as if it was lacking a bit.

Thankfully, Oceanhouse is always good at keeping the distractions to a minimum. As with any digital storybook, they’ve added nice enhancements, but keep the integrity of classic stories that had no problem winning over children back in the day when illustrations and words were their only assets. You won’t find any skeletons in this closet in this Oceanhouse remix of the Dr Seuss classic…but you may find a few wosets instead.

I was wondering though whether app developers would ever come up with apps FOR PARENTS that would make it easier for us to give dating and attraction advice to our kids like this one Sometimes it could really be awkard and getting an app for it might be a little helpful.

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