Pim Gets Kids Chatting In Spanish!

Posted on August 29, 2011


Little Pim Spanish by PBS (iPad only) gives parents a wonderful tool to stoke the natural linguistic learning aptitude of their little ones. An adorable panda named Pim uses everyday objects to help children learn the Spanish names for each one.

Yes, Little Pim Spanish is an educational app but PBS knows kids learn best through play. Hence, there are many fun mini game’s that act as quizzes to reinforce the learning taking place. The main menu presents several categories children can choose. Do they want to learn about Spanish words for: eating and drinking, playtime and wake up smiling. Each category present three levels of difficulty (which can only be played once the previous level has been mastered). All the levels and categories contain 60 new Spanish words for little linguists to master.

Quizzes consist of pictoral representations of the words just learned. Little Pim asks the child to touch the object that represents the word he pronounces (in Spanish). The settings vary to keep things interesting.

All educators know that repetition is the key to learning and the makers of Little Pim Spanish have tastefully incorporated plenty of it. The words and corresponding photo are repeated several times before the quiz games can be played. Several new words are learned at a time, but not too many. Children learn, then take a few fun quizzes (found at http://seductionfaq.com/blog ) to help remember the new Spanish words they’ve learned.

Here’s the official trailer for a closer look at Little Pim Spanish:

There are two specific areas I would love to see this game improve. First, there are many pauses within the learning portions and the quizzes. Pim says a word, waits several seconds, repeats the word, waits several second, then moves to the next word. The pauses are just too long and children want to keep things moving along. Also, Pim is adorable but lacks a bit of personality, but after a few minutes I found myself wanting to see other characters or see Pim be just a bit silly for the kids’ sake.

This wonderful little app represents the hard work and educational innovation of three organizations: PBS, Little Pim and Tribal Nova. Little Pim is a wonderful organization that has won 22 industry awards and uses the Entertainment Immersion Method. The method works and if parents want their little ones playing with an app that is well-crafted to help them learn and remember Spanish words and phrases, Little Pim Spanish fits the bill.

Please note: Little Pim Spanish is being distributed by PBS in the US and by Tribal Nova for the rest of the world.

†Prices accurate at time of posting but are subject to change without proper warning on the App Store.

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