iMapMyFitness Keeps You On Track

Posted on August 31, 2011


iMapMyFitness by MapMyFitness (Free – iPhone only) is an uncluttered, highly functional app for fitness gurus and beginners alike. Track calories, miles, maps and much more.

Before I get into what the app can do, I want to make a note of my first impressions of iMapMyFitness. I have a thing for apps that track my workouts when I run and my expectations are high. I’m pleased to say that immediately I noticed that the developers of the app have worked to make it very user friendly and keep the important stats very easy to access and see. If it’s one thing runners (or cyclists, or whatever you preferred mode of outdoor workout is) do not want to do during a workout, it’s staring at your iPhone the entire time trying to read tiny numbers while running into telephone poles.

So, what does iMapMyFitness actually track during an actual workout? If you’re outdoors and have a good GPS signal, the app tracks your route, distance, pave, speed, calories burned and elevation. Regardless of GPS signal, it tracks the duration of your workout.

If you’re like me, you love reveling in every juicy detail of your workout once it’s completed. iMapMyFitness allows you to look over your route and stats of past workouts both on your iPhone and on your online proile (which you can easily set up on their site and link to your account on the iPhone. You can also use the site to keep track of your goals, throw down challenges with your friends and generally interact with the online fitness lovers who also use the site.

Another fun option is a social networking option. Once your workout is complete, you have the option to share your progress on Facebook or Twitter. This is a great way to let your friends keep you accountable and see if you’re following through on your goals.

While iMapMyFitness doesn’t necessarily offer anything revolutionary or new, it’s a solid GPS app for outdoor fitness enthusiasts and it gets the job done. Best of all, it’s free. There are other good, free GPS options (such as RunKeeper) that offer many of the same features, but if you like a simple interface and easily accessed stats, iMapMyFitness is most definitely worth a try.

As a side note, I did explore the app and try it out for myself, but due to my personal privacy did not want to use pictures of my GPS location. I opted to post the iTunes store images instead but I can assure you that the images are an accurate representation of iMapMyFitness.

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