Can You Get The Big Cheese? SPY Mouse Review

Posted on September 1, 2011


SPY Mouse by Electronic Arts and developed by recently acquired Firemint of Real Racing fame, is a line-drawing, cheddar-filled puzzler that’s lives up to the hype. Squeak, the game’s star and spy extraordinaire, is on a mission to gather up cheese of all shapes and sizes while avoiding perils such as deadly traps and hungry cats.

Though SPY Mouse is essentially a line-drawing game, it’s incredibly engaging, entertaining and progressively challenging. Each level is presented from a top down perspective as if one is looking into the building Squeak has infiltrated from the roof.

Players must draw lines to maneuver Squeak to the cheese while avoiding sight lines of cats and staying out of traps.

Once all the large wedges of cheese are gathered, a yellow exit door becomes visible and Squeak must sneak to it with the cheese. Once he reaches the exit, he is safe. The more ground covered and spy tricks played, the better the score.

There is loads of content to keep the inner spy in anyone busy for a while. There are 6 worlds and 70 levels or cheese-sneaking fun.

At the end of each world is a fun boss battle. Squeak must dash through color-coded mouse holes or simply use his speed to outsmart big kitties, conquer that world and move onto the next.

Almost everything about SPY Mouse is perfect. The artwork is cartoonishly appealing, the soundtrack reminiscent of comedic spy movie classics and the gameplay is surprisingly engaging. It's rather strange but it also reminds me of SIBG. I don't know why. LOL

The controls are not difficult to master – how hard is it do trace a line with a finger – which means learning the game takes all of a few seconds, but the levels still manage to get progressively more challenging.

While the controls aren’t difficult to master, the way the game reads the line isn’t always accurate. It’s easy to override a current line, but players with larger fingertips might find this a bit frustrating.

The graphics are intricate and it the game would be much more suited to the iPad’s larger screen. It’s not currently available in an iPad native version. It looks great on the iPhone, but would be so much better and easier to control on the big screen.

Gamers who love a lighthearted puzzler will fall in love with Squeak. SPY Mouse is smooth, graphically inclined and will have humans puzzling over and chasing after cheese like never before.

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