I’m a stay-at-home mom who loves technology and an educator who especially loves educational apps. My husband is my first sweetheart and the love of my love and God has blessed us with three wonderful children.

If you are an app developer wanting a review, please send the following to MyAppinions@gmail.com: Your development company name, app name, app history, promo code, and any other important information you would like to share.

For developers looking to advertise on MyAppinions.com, please email Hannah at ApplySpeaking@gmail.com for pricing information. We limit the number of ads on the site in order to bring advertisers maximum exposure and to keep things looking clean and uncluttered.

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  1. Thanks for the info! We will be sending you apps for review :) )

    Wendy & Sherry @ kiboomu

  2. Hi Hannah,
    This is Art from ComboApp.com.
    By your smiles I can definitely say you are great guys and I would love to check out bases with you:-)

  3. We’d love to send you some apps for review. Email headed your way!

  4. Great site! We’d love to send you some apps for your review. E-mail coming shortly!


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