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We are developer friendly and want you to be able to take advantage of the fact that 100% of our visitors are potential customers for you as an iOS developer.

We Can Tweet For You:

Our number of Twitter followers is constantly growing and is a great way to get the word out about your product to app-lovers everywhere. We have several different Tweet packages you can choose from.

Each package allows the developer to submit custom text and a url for us to tweet.


  • Basic: We will tweet your message 5 times over the span of four weeks (Current rate: $20)
  • Pro: We will tweet your message 10 times over the span of four weeks (Current rate $35)
  • Ultimate: We will tweet your message 15 times over the span of four weeks (Current rate $45)

Site Banners:

Currently our prices are very affordable and we offer a limited amount of spots. It costs just $50 to run a 225 (width) x 250 (height) banner on our sidebar for 4 weeks. We offer a limited number of spots in order to give you the maximum exposure.

If you want to schedule your ad to run with us, please send the your 225 x 250 jpg or png image, PayPal email address and desired weeks you would like the ad to run to

How To Pick Up Girls

Amazingly we have been getting requests on placing ads which are based on relationship and dating advice for men. We welcome all advertisers who advertise products which are family friendly. I am a fan of dating and improving relationships with women, and if you have got good stuff on how to pick up girls then feel free to contact me and we can exchange dating tips, techniques and tricks.

Again, we will only carry out advertisements which we deem to be safe for everyone. This means that if you are in the seduction niche then do not post advertisements which feature sex for example. Keep it safe and I will be able to help you.

Please note: rates are subject to change. For most current rates, contact

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