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iMapMyFitness Keeps You On Track

August 31, 2011


iMapMyFitness by MapMyFitness (Free – iPhone only) is an uncluttered, highly functional app for fitness gurus and beginners alike. Track calories, miles, maps and much more. Before I get into what the app can do, I want to make a note of my first impressions of iMapMyFitness. I have a thing for apps that track… [Read more…]

Sports Tracker Review: Making Workouts A Little More Social

June 11, 2011


Some people like to workout in groups – others alone. It doesn’t really matter your personality – I’m outgoing but somewhat prefer to work out alone. I know introverts who prefer to work out with others. It just depends. Sports Tracker is an app that seeks to make working out a little more socially oriented.… [Read more…]

Motion Doctor App Review

April 5, 2011


The Motion Doctor app for iPad is getting some big attention in the app store – and for good reason. Do you have a job that just kills your neck or back? Are you involved in a sport that you know is going to wear on your knees if you aren’t careful? Do you have… [Read more…]

Two Hundred Situps Multi-user App Review

March 22, 2011


As much as I don’t like to admit it, my abs aren’t what they used to be. After three kids in three years they need some work. When I stumbled across this application I was intrigued – I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment because I know it’s just a matter… [Read more…]

RunKeeper Pro vs Nike+ GPS App Comparison

February 27, 2011


For quite a while I only owned the Nike+ GPS app. Although I heard great things about the Run Keeper app, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend 9.99 for it (it seems to have no really special features worth that money). Finally, at the beginning of this year, the developers of Run Keeper did… [Read more…]


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