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Groove Coaster Beats Out Tap Tap Revenge When It Comes To The Coolness Factor

July 28, 2011


Groove Coaster by TAITO Corp marches to the beat of a different drum when compared to the Tap Tap Revenge series and other similar apps. Fans of TAITO will enjoy this modern music game that features some of its trademarked characters and still bears the marks of the retro games many adults fondly remember. Groove… [Read more…]

Kiboomu Musical Apps Strike A Chord With Kids!

July 26, 2011


It doesn’t take long after perusing the apps and other resources from Kiboomu that these people know how to get kids hooked singing and playing music. I have seen my fair share of music apps for kids, each claiming it can teach kids music theory and offers up fun songs and games. Normally musical education… [Read more…]

Musical Me! Employs Colorful Variety To Teach Kids Music

June 7, 2011


Musical Me! by Duck Duck Moose aims to teach children about notes, rhythm, pitch and instruments – all concepts essential for the musical beginner to grasp. It’s easy to see that the developers tried to think outside the box when it came to just how to teach children each of these concepts. Two of the… [Read more…]

PianoBall App Review, Plus Win A Copy!

May 24, 2011


PianoBall – Fun With Learning ($2.99) by 4baam provides not just musical fun, but mesmerizing colors and educational tid bits for little ones. It’s like the coolest toy piano your kids will ever come in contact with. PianoBall impressed me with its graphics from the very first second. My kids were clamoring to get my… [Read more…]

Everyday Looper App Review

May 10, 2011


Everyday Looper ($5.99) by Mancing Dolecules recently got an update and now it’s better than ever. This wonderful app has been making a splash in the app store for a while; and for good reason. Everyday Looper is a recording app that allows you to record up to four musical phrases (on the iPhone/iPod Touch)… [Read more…]

Magic Piano App Review

May 4, 2011


Magic Piano (Free) by Smule makes playing a digital piano easy and fun. If you have ever shopped the app store for a piano app, you have noticed that there are dozens to choose from. Magic Piano has some unique features that make it unique amongst its competition. I have experimented with my share of… [Read more…]

Vintage Radio Lite App Review

April 27, 2011


Vintage Radio Lite by Orion Internet Services, LLC makes vintage radio shows available on your iPhone. The shows are hand-picked and there are dozens of shows and over 1,000 episodes to choose from. The developer has been in the business of providing hard core old time radio listeners with all the content they could wish… [Read more…]

3D Music Pro App Review

April 26, 2011


3D Music Pro tries to turn iPhone speakers into more advanced sound emitters. Does it work? Is it really possible for a few megabytes of software to dramatically change the hardware that is in our iOS devices? The developer describe the sound their app produces as “3D stereo sound.” I was not sure what to… [Read more…]

PianoAngel App Review

March 25, 2011


Ever wished you could play the piano, but you quit lessons when you were young? Piano Angel could be the perfect app for you to try out. This app was developed by Brian Wang in part to assist his church’s music ministry. It’s a simple piano application that allows you to customize chords and either… [Read more…]

Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner App Review

March 18, 2011


Special thanks to Dan H for guest writing this review! Being a musical hobbyist, I’m interested in having good tools on my phone that lighten my instrument cases. Cleartune is just that. Launching the app is quick and easy and you just start playing your notes. Primarily I’ve been using it with my guitar and… [Read more…]


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