Professional App Analysis and Marketing Assistance

Is your app not getting the attention it deserves? Are you at a loss as far as marketing or how to improve your app so it can really stand out from the crowd?

Having had the privilege of reviewing apps for The Denver Post’s Mile High Mamas,, and I have analyzed and studied in detail what makes apps successful. I have had the privilege of working closely with such successful companies as PeaPod Labs, Duck Duck Moose, AEG’Wiz, BWInnovations, Dan Russell-Pinson, and dozens more wonderful developers from around the world.

If you need a professional, personalized information and tips for marketing your app, or if you need a thorough analysis of your app in order to generate fresh ideas or constructive criticisms for improvements – I’m here to help you. My rates are incredibly reasonable and hundreds less than what you’ll find at marketing agencies.

October Man Sequence

One of the most powerful "forbidden pattern" technique which has been used to seduce women everywhere is the infamous October Man Sequence. First discovered and used in the underground seduction community about ten years ago, it has become one of the most controversial seduction technique ever to be used in dating, love and attraction.

This dating technique is powerful and is known to be able to make women fall in love in as quickly as 15 minutes - it's really that effective! Any man who wants to improve his seduction and dating skills should master the october man sequence and start to improve their dating and love lives. The October Man routine is based on fractionation and hypnosis. If you want to be good with hypnosis-based techniques, go check out similar techniques such as "Rising Sun" and the Hospital Pattern. With these techniques, you will know how to attract women and make them like you quickly and easily.

Feel free to contact Han at for more information and custom rates.

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